Export Control Compliance

Export Control Compliance or EC Compliance is a software provider specialized in export control. Our objective is to help exporters of sensitive products to simplify their  processes and to export in full compliance, thanks to the digitization and modeling of regulations.

The company was founded in 2020 after an incubation by the Airbus Bizlab in 2019. It is the result of a merger with EC Labs, a company founded in 2017 and specialized in export control classification.

Our software is hosted by a European cloud provider to avoid any aggressive action by third parties. A version of the software hosted in a secured cloud is also available.

Finally, our export control consultants have years of experience in large industrial groups. They are available to provide export control training and consulting services in the field of classification, internal processes, licensing and compliance.

Our customers

Currently, EC Compliance is the only export control “pure player” in the broader trade compliance software market. Our clients are large groups looking for support in specialized areas, and SMEs that need to demystify export control.

Large and medium groups

“Large groups and mid-size companies need specialized export control software when their ERP limits are reached. EC Compliance allows them to relieve their export control teams, making their decisions more reliable and improving their productivity. “


“SMEs are often unfamiliar with export control, its risks and challenges. They need a partner to decipher the intricacies of regulations and they need software to ensure reliable export decisions and full compliance. That’s where EC Compliance comes in.”

The founders

Marc Zarnowiecki

CEO and Founder

An ex Army Aviation officer and helicopter pilot, Marc spent the second part of his career as head of export control for Airbus Helicopters.

Marc’s vision for export control is the deployment of an innovative digital solution that will meet the needs of manufacturers and all stakeholders involved.

Frank Prabel

CTO and Co-founder

With a master’s degree in engineering, Frank has made his career in the IT industry (Apple, Business Objects and SAP), including 7 years in the Silicon Valley.

He is motivated by the digitization of emerging topics such as the modeling of export control regulations, which provides simple solutions to complex problems.

CEO and Founder of EC Labs.