The risks of exporting

Did you know that a small component can put your business in danger?

A simple hardware or software component hidden in a subsystem, a document, a coating, a paint, or an algorithm could be an export control compliance issue for your company.

What are the risks?

Fines, financial penalties, criminal sanctions, suspension of licenses, blocked deliveries, loss of access to certain markets, obligation to redesign, damaged image, the risks of non compliance are high and often poorly measured by exporters.

This small component could even land you in jail for a serious offense.

How to protect against the risks of export control?

Mastering export control begins with raising management and staff awareness in your company. The use of export control software is a wise choice and a Lean approach to provide a simple and reliable framework when facing numerous and complex regulations.

Record fine in 2015

EC Compliance supports you

To train and assist your staff in export control, raise awareness among your sales representatives, your buyers and your logistics specialists, EC Compliance acts at all levels of your company with simple or advanced training programs, as well as audit and consulting services.

EC Compliance is a software provider that helps exporters of sensitive products to demystify export control, thanks to a simple and reliable approach.

The software suite is composed of 5 modules: classification, exportability, screening (companies and people), license management and reporting. The software acts as a compliance pipeline that monitors your flows and transactions. Using the software means a higher productivity for your team and enhanced compliance for your business.

With EC Compliance, ensure your company is fully compliant

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A modular solution


Identify jurisdictions and classify your products


Check the required authorisations


Detect sanctionned parties


Manage your export licenses


Comply with regulatory requirements

Easy to use for each department in your company