Export Control Reporting

US, UK and international export control regulations require accurate traceability of export processes.

Therefore you need to track and trace the details of the route of any item you export (dates, consignees, origin of the various components, etc.)

It is also necessary to track and trace the rationale used in each decision-making in terms of exportability. Why was this classification chosen for this item ? Were the entities and individuals screened against sanctions lists ? Did your company have a valid export licence when the item was shipped abroad ? Collecting all this information will allow you, in the event of an audit, to defend your position and, if necessary, to demonstrate that the export was done in compliance at the time of the decision-making.

Doing this is a heavy administrative burden, for which EC Compliance provides a concrete and reliable solution. Thanks to its “record keeping” (actions and decisions made at each stage of an export are duly documented), EC Compliance makes it possible to respond in a simple and complete way to regulatory reporting requirements and to audits by regulatory authorities.