Classification software

EC Compliance provides revolutionary export control classification software.

Classifying a product means determining the applicable regulations (EU or UK military and dual-use regulations, US EAR or ITAR) and finding the right code in the official control list (for example 6A008 for a dual-use radar). Very often, companies that wish to export a product try self-classification, but using a classification software is a much more reliable approach.

EC Compliance includes a powerful classification software module based on regulatory texts automatically updated by “crawlers”, and on semantic enrichment (product names, industrial jargon, synonyms) which suggests to users the classification corresponding to the characteristics of their products.

The EC Compliance classification module takes into account European and American regulations as well as other countries. It includes an easy to use and reliable search engine. Thanks to a multi-column display, the tool suggests equivalent classifications across regulations and across languages. The classification module also makes it possible to classify intangibles, i.e. data and technology for which transfer by dematerialized means actually constitutes a deemed export.