Export Control Regulations

The regulations governing the export of sensitive products are complex and differ from country to country.

When you export sensitive goods, it is the regulations of the country of departure that apply: for example, it is the UK regulations that control exports from the UK. The possibility to export, with or without authorization from the export control authority, depends on the level of sensitivity (classification) of the good to be exported, as well as on the country of destination.

There are generally 2 export control regulations per country: one for civilian (or “dual use”) goods and one for military goods. 

In addition, the extraterritorial scope of US regulations (US EAR and ITAR) requires you to also consider US regulations if your products incoporate US components or technology.

Here is the list of the main export control regulations in force, as well as the links to the official sites:

Dual-use regulation
(in French) Military lists
Dual-use Regulation
(in German) Regulation for military goods
Dual-use regulation
(in Spanish) Regulation for military goods
Dual-Use Regulation
(in English) Réglementation pour biens militaires
UK Regulations
European Regulations

All these regulations have been digitized and modeled with the EC Compliance software, and the latest version is automatically stored in the EC Compliance repository. This guarantees that users get reliable recommendations based on up-to-date information.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out which regulations apply to your business scenario.

We also provide export control regulations training so you can determine which regulation applies when, and understand all the ramifications of these regulations.