Export Licenses

Exporting a sensitive product to a sensitive country usually requires an export license. These licenses are delivered by the authorities of the departure country in order to authorize companies to export specific equipment to a given destination. Generally speaking, national authorities regulate the export and issue authorizations for military and dual use goods. For example, in France, the supervisory authorities are the dual-use goods service (SBDU) for civilian goods, and the DGA for military goods. The existence of licenses and the controls carried out by customs allow the authorities to control export flows.

A license is defined by a number of parameters (classification, country of destination, recipient, amount, etc.). When dealing with an export flow, EC Compliance analyzes the flow parameters and compares them with the license parameters held by the manufacturer, to determine if one of the licenses can be used to export this flow.

To meet user expectations, the EC Compliance license management module includes the following features:

  • Management of a license database: at any given time, the license database contains all the licenses that the company has obtained so users can check their license portfolio.
  • Assistance with license application. If a company does not have an existing license for an upcoming export, it must apply for a license with local authorities, which can be administratively complex. EC Compliance provides help with license applications.

  • License depreciation. When a license is granted to a company, it generally mentions a certain credit, in the form of a quantity or amount. To depreciate a license is to debit the amount of the goods exported from the amount remaining on the license.

Not to mention one of the main benefits of the EC Compliance license system, which is the fact that all your export licenses are stored in a central place. The license dashboard makes it easier for export control staff to monitor the list of licences, including the time left until expiration and the credit on each license.